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Maria di Marco affectionally known as Mamma born and raised in Abruzzi, Italy. Fell in love with America. Sixteen years later… She is the owner of Mamma Maria Ristorante Italiano. Her charming restaurant opened its doors on Mother’s day of 1992.

Her genuine authentic recipes, pleases the eye, fills the stomach and warms the soul. You can almost feel the love that went into preparing each meal. She loves to cook for her patrons or at home for her family and friends.

Mamma is best known in Philadelphia for her hand rolled gnocchi and homemade Limoncello. Mamma's spunky charismatic personality makes people feel truly special. Mamma is loved, respected and her opinion is valued. She is from the old school, but is adapting to this modern world. Her natural style is refreshing and appealing! Come meet Mamma and taste some of her mouth-watering signature dishes or, watch Cooking with Mamma airing Sunday's at 1:00 PM on WYBE Public Television and learn how to make them yourself.